A. Wilson Vision

A. Wilson Vision

Meet Abbey

Abbey likes dogs. She has pet a record of 27 in a single day. While some might find this weird, she takes this skill of touching every passing pup very seriously. When she’s not stroking the fur of random k9 you will find her stroking her keyboard at a whopping 97 WPM!

Meet Carter

Carter likes food. He finds himself thinking about it often. He considers himself a people person but has come to realize people ask if his food creations are coming to the party before they ask about him, oops!

Building the vision, together.

Beginning this journey nearly 6 years ago now both Abbey & Carter each bring a unique skill set to the table. Carter is more of the people person, and Abbey tends to pull the strings. For about 5 years they built AWV together into a very successful media company in Virginia Beach, VA.

As a couple, we always like to travel, but building a business that became “successful” left very little time for something we valued so much. So, in 2021 we decided together that we were going to do what everyone around us couldn’t fathom, give up everything we built, to start again, from scratch, abroad. We sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Portugal, and brought our dog. 

It’s bittersweet to type this and think back on the years spent dreaming this life. But the reality came with challenges. Things are different abroad. Language, customs, business practices, pricing, laws and so on.. But it’s these challenges that have opened new doors. And together we’ve adapted. Keeping an open mind, and adapting our skillset has lead us to new opportunities, ones we would have never even thought possible had we not taken this leap of faith. 

So, together we are building again. Developing new skills, and polishing the old. This is our journey. This is A. Wilson Vision. And for anyone who might be considering working with us, just know that you have our passion, that we are seasoned in problem-solving, and we are professional over-deliverers. Let’s do this!

Our skillsets..

Carter has a creative eye. A self-taught photographer and videographer with more than 6 years of professional experience. He takes pride in his client relations and finds value in continuously improving his craft. 

Abbey excels in logistics. Her former career in pharmacy built her deep understanding of system operations and data entry. She specialized in lifestyle & travel blogging, web development, and SEO.